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Meet our team of family law experts to learn your rights and protect your assets for now and into the future


If you are separating, obtain full details about the parenting of your children, your rights and obligations

what to do in a separation

Where do we go From here? Understand your options to resolve differences after your relationship breakdown


Protect your assets and financial future before, during and after the breakdown of a relationship


You have the same rights as a married couple under the family law act. Find out all you need to know

same sex couples

You have the same rights as a married or de facto couple under the Family Law Act 1975 in Australia


Family Law recognises the rights of grandparents and extended family to care for grandchildren


A means to protect your immediate financial needs and help to secure your financial future


This is legal in Australia. Find out what you need to know about surrogacy agreements in Queensland.


Financial support for your children can be incorporated into support agreements within Queensland


Don’t be a victim of Domestic Violence. Queensland legislation provides protection. We can help


Traditional mediation or mediation without lawyers. Reach a resolution without high legal costs